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Praying with Children
Children's Ministry Training Topics
We love to share our burden and passion for reaching kids and their families, starting with effective Sunday Schools, SuperChurches, and teachers.

The topics and sessions listed here are the most requested ones we teach, but if what you're looking for is not here, please contact us!
A practical class on the do's and don'ts of praying with children to receive the Holy Ghost. Includes verbal techniques and tips to get reluctant children into the altar
The Necessity of a Burden
All the tips and tricks, bells and whistles don't mean a thing if you don't have a burden for reaching the children and families you come in contact with. Bruce Borlik shares his passion and his own personal experience of what happens when teachers get a hold of a burden
Teaching with the SIX Senses
What Kind of Teacher are You?
Capture their attention, re-enforce your lessons, make what you teach memorable! Learning to incorporate the SIX senses into your teaching will help you to reach all learning styles, plus it's FUN! (Yes, we meant SIX senses!)
Some are authoritarian, some are neglectful, some are permissive, but we all want to be responsible, engaged teachers. Learn which direction you lean and the rewards and consequences of your teaching style...and how to change if necessary

Sunday Cool!!

We love rotational or "center of interest" Sunday School! Using different methods of teaching at each station, your Sunday School can reach more kids with their learning style, and give teachers a fresh perspective for their teaching. Ideal for smaller staffs and churches with fluctuating Sunday School numbers
Variety Hour

Games and icebreakers are ideal for getting people warmed up in a multitude of situations...from children's churches to banquets, youth nights and picnics or fellowship groups, everyone needs a few good games in their arsenal! More than just a list of games, we give you the reasons behind using them and tricks to motivate good sportsmanship and positive peer pressure, as well as tips to transition from fun and games to a ministry atmosphere
Building With A Burden

Children's Church should never be glorified babysitting, and the ushers shouldn't have to hunt the kids down and drag them to it...Kids church should be fun, relevant and impactful! In Building with a Burden, we teach how to set up, equip a team and plan your time to be the most effective. Above all, we remind you of the importance of why you're doing what you're doing...the burden and passion for the souls of the children you come in contact with!
Basic Puppetry

From entrances and exits, to mouth manipulation to resources to make your puppets come alive, and tips and tricks for putting together an effective puppet team, our Basic Puppetry class is ideal for brand new puppet teams and as a refresher course for those who've been using puppets for years
Other topics include but are not limited to...


Children's Choirs

Classroom Discipline
Writing your own    illustrated      sermons/curriculum

The Bones of a Queen
(becoming a godly young lady)

Superheros of God
(becoming a godly young man)

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too
Working with Special Need and "Differently-abled" Children in Sunday School

After 20 years of learning from the special needs children we have been privileged to work with, multiple levels of research and hearts that are open to all children, we finally put it all  in an easy, practical format. We cover setting up your church and Sunday School to accommodate "specials", as well as safety and security, to dealing one on one with differently abled children and making the parents and families of these precious souls feel wanted and welcome. 
Essentially B
Basic and Safe Essential Oil Usage

Jami Borlik is a certified aromatherapist and Natural Health Consultant. Using essential oils to benefit your health and well being (what God created them to do!) has become a very trendy thing to do...and sometimes a dangerous thing! We teach safe usage, dilution,and for what you can and cannot use them. We do not promote any one oil company over another. We make oils available to purchase, but CANNOT sign you or any member of your family into a multi level marketing company.